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Wink APP is a special app where users are able to Beautify and Retouch your videos .

Are you like to edit immersive videos with a simple smartphone app ? Then Wink APP is the best app for you! Wink APP is a feature-rich video editing and beautification application designed for mobile devices. It offers a wide range of tools and features to enhance and modify videos, allowing users to create stunning and professional-looking content right from their smartphones.

Wink app download

Wink APP Download For Android

APP Name Wink
Latest version v1.6.2.5
Updated1 day ago
Size 96.21MB
Android Version Android 6.0+
License Free
It is easy to download Wink App download on Android as it is exclusively built for such platforms. All you have to do is to follow the below steps,
  1. Download the Wink APK file on your Android device. You can directly use the download button above.
  2. Check the downloads folder in your device to locate the APK file. This might be a different location depending on where you have set the downloads destination to be.
  3. Click and open the Wink APK file. Then start the installation process. If you receive a warning message just in case, go to settings and enable ‘allow installation from unknown resources’.
  4. Click on Install and start the process. And wait for the completion of installation.
  5. You are all set to open the app and start using it!

What is Wink APP ?

Wink APK is a powerful video editing and beautification application designed for mobile devices. It provides users with a variety of tools and features to enhance and modify their videos with ease. With Wink APK, users can transform their videos into stunning masterpieces directly from their smartphones.

Users can apply makeup effects, create different styles and enhance their appearance effortlessly. The app also supports manual face slimming and multiple face retouching, meeting diverse beautification needs.

Wink APK offers a wide range of editing options in addition to beautifying. For more individualized and accurate results, users can trim, accelerate, animate, crop, and mirror their video clips. Smooth playback is made possible by the Anti-Shake function, which stabilizes unstable film. The program also offers a setting to boost HD quality to make fuzzy videos better.

More About Wink APK

The Wink App download is Developed in China and it is a powerful video editing and beautification application available for mobile devices. It offers a comprehensive set of features and tools to enhance and modify videos directly from your smartphone.


Facial Adjustments

You can rearrange and polish facial characteristics in your videos with the Facial characteristics Adjustment tool. Wink APK offers the tools to enable you to produce your desired portrait, whether you want to make tiny tweaks or produce a spectacular transformation.

Skin Tone Adjustment

Wink APK provides a number of stylish alternatives to change the skin tone in your movies. You may quickly change the skin tone with a few clicks, whether you want to produce a warmer glow or a cooler complexion.

Makeup Effects

Use a variety of makeup effects to improve your appearance in videos. You can play with various makeup options provided by Wink APK to create different appearances and styles. You can select the effect that fits you, ranging from minor additions to strong and spectacular makeup.

3D Manual Face Slimming

You can manually resize and thin your face in the video with the 3D Manual Face Slimming function. For a more pleasing outcome, you can shape your face more precisely and give it a more sculpted appearance.

Multiple Faces Retouching

Wink APK allows you to modify and improve various faces in a movie. You may make sure that each face obtains the proper level of beautifying whether you’re doing a group video or showing several people.

3D Body Reshape

In This App you give a shape to your body with just one tap, you may get a positive body shape with 3D Body Reshape. You can enhance body features using Wink APK’s 3D Body Reshape tool to give your films a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Live Photo Beautification

:Wink APK not only lets you edit videos but also edit and improve Live Photos. Live Photos can also be enhanced and adjusted using the same tools, maintaining consistency in your visual material.

Anti Shake

While capturing videos, shaky footage might be a problem. The anti-shake function of Wink APK stabilizes the shaky footage to save the situation. Your films will look smoother and more professional as a result, which will make them more entertaining to watch.

Wink APK Download For PC

To download WinkAPK for your PC, first, you will have to download a good emulator. This will allow you to use Android mobile apps on your PC. Download a reliable emulator and continue with the steps mentioned for Android.

How To Use Wink APK

With Wink APK, you are able to experience easy and fast use. Firstly you have to download this app. It’s easy to use Wink APK, and the interface is clear. Import your selected video, Adjust your facial characteristics, skin tone, add cosmetic effects, and more to make your video more beautiful. Use editing features like cutting, speeding up, cropping, and stabilizing shaky footage to further personalize your film. You can get a live preview of your modifications and correct them as necessary. Once you’re happy with it, save and export your video so that you can quickly share it via messaging services or social media.

Wink APP Review

Magic effects


Wink App is very good for editing ,
Here you can use it for free
but in the free version
you face some little ads overall great experience
use Download button below .


Pros And Cons

Every Application Have Its Positives and Negatives , So Here are some Pros and Cons-


  • Powerful video beautification features to enhance facial features, skin tones, and body shape.
  • Easy-to-use interface with intuitive navigation for a seamless editing experience.
  • Comprehensive editing tools for cutting, speeding up, cropping, and stabilizing videos.
  • HD quality enhancement feature to improve the clarity of blurry videos.
  • VIP auto-renewal service offering additional video effects and AI-generated subtitles.
  • Compatibility with various video formats for flexibility in editing different sources.
  • Real-time preview to visualize changes and make adjustments on the spot.
  • Export options for saving videos in high quality.
  • Easy sharing options to directly share videos on social media platforms or through messaging apps.


When we look into the drawbacks of this app,

  • Limited availability on specific platforms or devices.
  • Some advanced features may require a VIP subscription for full access.
  • Certain complex edits may require more manual adjustments outside the app.
  • Depending on the device and video length, processing times for effects and enhancements may vary.

Is It Safe To Use Wink APP?

The developer team is doing all possible to provide the most dependable and secure experience to its customers. But the Google Play Store and Appstore do not currently provide this Wink APK as a legitimate option. There is only the APK format available. If they come from trustworthy and secure sources, APKs are safe. The development team promises that the Wink APK is secure to use. They regularly check and update it so that there is only a little danger associated with utilizing it.

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Q: Is Wink APP available for IOS?

No, it is not yet available for IOS.

Q: The Wink APK hangs up. What should I do?

Firstly Close the app , Close the tab and restart it. If it happens again, try reinstalling it.

Q: How do I update the Wink APK?

You have to manually update Wink APK through the Google browser.

Q: Will advertisements pop up?

Yes, but they will not interrupt you.

Q: Is the Wink APK safe to download?

Yes, The developers thoroughly test this app before release and they always keep monitoring it. So it is safe.

Q: Is video can export in HD?

Yes, and you can export also in your required resolution.


Wink app download is a powerful video editing and beautification app that offers a range of features to enhance and customize videos. With user-friendly interface, comprehensive editing tools, and HD quality enhancement, users can create stunning and professional-looking videos. The VIP auto-renewal service provides additional effects and AI-generated subtitles. Wink APK empowers users to unlock their creativity and produce captivating content directly from their mobile devices.

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